One of Kewaunee County’s newest CAFOs has been issued its first wastewater discharge permit, and another was the subject of a public hearing in Luxemburg on Monday afternoon.

Sandway Farms LLC, E1411 Bolt Road, Denmark is an existing dairy operation that has 1,045 animal units and is proposing to expand to 1,258 animal units by 2019, according to the Department of Natural Resources’ Notice of Final Determination released Friday.

A CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) is defined as housing 1,000 or more animal units – an animal unit being 1,000 pounds. Sandway Farms LLC has a total of 2,327.5 acres of cropland in approved nutrient management plan, the notice said. Of this acreage, 757.5 acres are owned and 1,570 acres are controlled through contracts, rental agreements or leases or under manure agreements.

At current size, approximately 11.8 million gallons of manure and process wastewater will be generated annually. Current liquid storage capacity is 414 days of waste storage. The new permit is effective Feb. 1, 2018, through Jan. 31, 2023.

Sandway is the 16th CAFO in Kewaunee County to be granted a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit by the DNR. The proposed 17th, Legend Farms Dairy LLC, N4679 State Highway 42, Kewaunee, was one of two WPDES that went to public hearing at the Fairground Exhibition Building on Monday.

Legend Farms Dairy is an existing dairy operation run by Keith Duescher that recently has expanded to CAFO size. In fact, the farm was issued a Notice of Violation in October for apparently operating without a WPDES permit for some time before it filed its permit application earlier in 2017.

According to the public notice of the hearing, Legend Farms Dairy “currently has 800 milking and dry cows and 20 beef cattle; expansion to 900 milking and dry and 50 beef cattle is proposed in 2018. The facility generates about 10.4 million gallons of liquid manure and process wastewater that will be applied to 892 acres of cropland according to an approved nutrient management plan.”

Monday’s other hearing was for a WPDES permit renewal for Hall’s Calf Ranch, E2304 County Road F, Kewaunee.

Hall’s Calf Ranch currently has 8,200 dairy calves equivalent to 1,640 animal units. It generates 1.9 million gallons and 6,650 tons of manure and process wastewater on an annual basis, affecting the East Twin River.