Author: Warren Bluhm

The Kewaunee County Comet: One year down the road and still chugging along

It was Nov. 30, 2016, that I opened a blog called the Kewaunee County Aggregator to fill what I believed was a gap in local news coverage for the community. That first day I posted a little introductory column titled “What Have We Here” and links to news releases for the fourth annual Kewaunee Memorial Food Drive, the Kewaunee Grade School Holiday Extravaganza, the Algoma Public Library’s public declaration that the rumors it was closing were balderdash, and Lee Kinnard’s appearance as a speaker at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit in Atlanta. After a while I started doing some of...

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Report issued on Door-Kewaunee Legislative Days results

The co-chairman of the Door-Kewaunee Legislative Days steering committee says legislative action and rule changes are underway on more than five initiatives as a result of the biennial lobbying trip to the state Capitol by business and government leaders from the two counties that comprise the Door peninsula. More than 130 volunteer delegates made the trip to advocate for issues and initiatives important to Door and Kewaunee Counties. “We ask a lot of our delegates, and I’m grateful and proud of their efforts and work,” said Caleb Frostman, executive director of the Door County Economic Development Corp. as well...

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Clean Water Access Bill signed into law

Gov. Scott Walker on Monday signed into law a bill that raises the amount of the money granted by the state’s well compensation grant program, to reimburse indigent property owners to reconstruct, treat, or abandon/cap a contaminated well or connect to a public water supply, from $9,000 to $12,000. The bill also allows local units of government to pay for contaminated well remediation or abandonment with the ability to recoup the costs through a special assessment or charge to the property owner. It also allows local units of governments the flexibility to make low or no-interest loans. Authored by...

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County launches web-based polling system

Kewaunee County has launched an advanced public survey system, where officials say residents can provide their opinion on local issues and county government within a matter of minutes and at a time convenient to them. Kewaunee County has contracted Polco, a web-based polling firm that assists local government agencies nationwide by providing tools to collect views concerning proposed legislation, ordinances, agenda items and more. Through the use of Polco’s civic analytics website and apps, the county is able to post questions directly to residents to receive reliable data intended to help drive local policy. By increasing civic engagement through...

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Kewaunee County CAFO expansion debate heats up

A majority of the 22 speakers at a public hearing Tuesday pleaded with the state Department of Natural Resources not to allow further expansion of dairy herds in Kewaunee County as it prepares to certify Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permits for five concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Between 150 and 200 people attended a combined public hearing for the five permit applications, which was held at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds in Luxemburg. Dairy Dreams LLC, Kinnard Farms LLC, Seidl’s Mountain View Dairy, and Wakker Dairy Farm Inc. are seeking renewals of their WPDES permits. Sandway Farms LLC...

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