Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources investigators were responding to a manure spill reported Monday by Pagel’s Ponderosa dairy in southern Kewaunee County.

The dairy self-reported the spill to the DNR, indicating that manure somehow got into the tile line and began to discharge out into a wetland along County Road B between Swamp Lane and County Road F in the town of West Kewaunee.

Pagel’s Ponderosa reportedly had sucked out one tank of manure from the wetland and was taking out the tile line to suck up the rest when the spill was reported around 3:55 p.m. Monday.

The amount of manure released or recovered was still being determined. A DNR spokesman said it’s not unusual for details to be unclear in the first day or so after a spill occurs as staff are gathering information from the field.

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This is at least the third spill Pagel’s Ponderosa has reported this year. The online Bureau for Remediation and Redevelopment Tracking System (BRRTS) lists two spills during 2017, and incidents do not appear on BRRTS until after the spill has been declared closed.

Pagel’s reported that an estimated 1,000 gallons was released into a ditch June 5 southwest of the intersection of County Roads S and P in the town of Lincoln, after newly applied liquid manure found its way into the tile and came out of the tile outlet. And about 2,000 gallons were spilled Aug. 2 along Church Road in the town of Casco when the driver of a manure-hauling truck accidentally flipped the wrong switch.