The draft 10-year Kewaunee County Land & Water Resource Management Plan is scheduled for consideration by the state Land & Water Conservation Board on April 2.

County conservationist Davina Bonness told the county’s Land & Water Conservation Committee on March 12 that she added a nine-key element watershed plan for the Ahnapee River.

“(We’re) trying to get some more funding for different kind of monitoring and assessments for that entire watershed,” Bonness said.

​Wisconsin law requires each county to have a land and water resource management plan that has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The Land and Water Conservation Board reviews plans and recommends action to DATCP. Plans are approved for a 10-year period, with a review by the board in year 5.

The April 2 meeting in Madison is the last step in the process. Bonness plans to state at the capital for the biannual Door-Kewaunee Legislative Days initiative scheduled for April 2-3.

The 144-page draft Kewaunee County plan is designed to be a guiding document in addressing local concerns and priorities over the next 10 years. According to the executive summary of the plan developed by Bonness and the Land & Water Conservation Department, the county developed the plan to:

1. provide a framework for land and water resource management;

2. avoid duplication of effort by government agencies;

3. establish a framework for cooperation and coordination of resource management efforts among all of the affected governments, agencies, and other interested parties; and

4. establish consistent land and water resource management goals, objectives, and standards for Kewaunee County.

Photo: The Kewaunee River near Algoma during the flood warning Friday, March 15. Photo by Dick Swanson