The annual salaries of the Kewaunee County clerk, treasurer and register of deeds will increase by $2,500 plus 3 percent in 2021, followed by an additional 3 percent a year in 2022, 2023, and 2024, after a vote by the County Board Tuesday night (March 17).

By law the salaries for the entire terms of elected officials must be set before nominating papers begin to circulate. The three officials currently make $65,132. Under the measure that passed Tuesday, they will make $69,661 in 2021, rising to $76,120 in the final year.

Supervisor John Mastalir moved to remove the $2,500 enhancement and go with a straight 3 percent raise to $67,086, which would make the 2024 salary after annual raises to $73,307.

Supervisor Tom Romdenne countered that the board has made adjustments for other county employees in recent years that have boosted their salaries as much as $5,000 to $7,000, while the salaries of elected department heads were restricted by what the board approved four years ago.

“This is appropriate and in line with what the employees are getting,” Romdenne said.

Mastilir’s motion was defeated 9-6 and then the recommended salaries passed 12-3, with Mastilir, Doug Doell and Joe Lukes voting no.