Kewaunee County is working on applying for a state rural broadband access grant, County Administrator Scott Feldt told the Personnel, Advisory and Legislative Committee last week.

A map showing where towers could be located for a proposed wireless broadband system in Kewaunee County. Red markers indicate existing towers, and blue indicates proposed tower locations. The orange marker is a tower at the closed Kewaunee Power Station.

The Public Service Commission put out application materials for the rural broadband expansion grant on May 30, and the deadline is June 30, Feldt said. He is working with a provider to try to put together an application.

“The hope is when the project is done by the end of 2019 that we could have broadband access coverage for the entire county,” he said.

The fixed wireless system would employ towers on county- or town-owned land for the most part. Feldt said he will be asking for letters of support from local governments and businesses.

It’s estimated the project would cost about $1.6 million, and the application will ask the state to provide at least half those funds.

County Board Chairman Robert Weidner, who also chairs the committee, said broadband access is one of the biggest concerns for businesses looking to locate or expand in the county.

“I think long-term the investment is going to be worth it,” he said.