Almost the first thing I did after being invited to leave the best job I ever had, editor of the Door County Advocate, was to start the Kewaunee County Comet, because it was clear that we were lacking an independent source of local news devoted to serving this beautiful little county. For the past three and a half years, I’ve tried with some success to be an oasis in this news desert.

Now, we’ve all read our share of editorial columns that start like this and go on to tell you something is being canceled. Don’t worry! I’m not stopping now.

Some of you know that one of the other things I did in my post-Door life was to continue writing and independently publishing books, using modern publishing tools for ebooks and print-on-demand. Hard to believe, but I’ve been doing that for quite a few years now, and my stable includes more than a half-dozen books with my name on them and editions of vintage books from a century ago with the umbrella title The Roger Mifflin Collection.

I’ve recently finished a remake of my eponymous website (a fancy way of saying “”), and the first thing you will see when you visit will be an invitation to join my newsletter e-mailing list in exchange for downloading a massive (by e-mailing list standards) collection of free excerpts from these offerings called, modestly enough, A Warren Bluhm Reader. It features generous chunks of A Bridge at Crossroads, How to Play a Blue Guitar, Refuse to be Afraid and even The Imaginary Bomb, sample chapters of the Mifflin editions, and the entire pivotal Myke Phoenix novelette “Daughter of Mychus.”

As promised, this short column is shameless self-promotion, an invitation for you to browse my website, check out the books, read the blog, and download that free anthology. If I was better at self-promotion, I’d toss in some crucial keywords that would make signing up for the newsletter irresistible — but I’m a humble writer, not a marketer, and so we’ll leave it at: I sure hope you’ll visit and see what else I have to offer besides a local independent online news source for Kewaunee County. Thanks!