The dementia care specialist (DCS) with the Aging and Disability Resource Center of the Lakeshore will be offering an educational series on the topic of dementia.

Dementia is currently the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, with Alzheimer’s being the most common cause of dementia among older adults. This disease is often difficult to understand and is a sensitive topic to discuss. Caregivers of people with dementia may not always know there are resources available to help them navigate this tough disease. This series sheds light on resources available to those caring for loved ones of dementia.

The first part of the series, Dementia 101, will be offered virtually from 1-2 p.m. March 18 and features information on the basics of dementia. Participants will discuss the differences between what is considered “normal aging cognitive decline” and more medically serious diseases that cause dementia.

The second part of the series, Dementia 201, will be offered virtually 1-2 p.m. April 6. This educational program will be more intermediate in content. The DCS will explain the behavioral symptoms of dementia, as well as provide some ways caregivers can positively intervene as they care for their loved ones. Discussion will also take place regarding the physiological changes in the brain and what progression with the disease might look like.

This virtual series is free; for more information and to register, call the ADRC of the Lakeshore at 1-877-416-7083.