Six Algoma Middle School students earned an honorable mention in the recent “Build a Gardener a Potting Table Challenge” sponsored by the Brown County Home Builders Association at the recent 2019 Home Expo in Green Bay.

The honor came with a $100 cash award and donations of tools, as explained on the Algoma School District website:

To get started, the team of middle school students interviewed the Kewaunee County Master Gardeners and came up with a design idea. Chet Kiedrowski and his team from CTI Hospitality Inc. came in next to help put the students’ ideas to blueprints. Nick Holtger Construction sponsored the materials for this project.

The students along with Matt Abel, Algoma School District Technical Education teacher, and Penny Lemberger, Middle School Science teacher, helped with the construction of the table in the weeks leading up to the competition which was held at the BCHBA 2019 Home Expo at KI Convention center January 24-27,2019. Attendees were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite table.

On February 11, 2019, the BCHBA dropped off tool donations as well as an Honorable Mention Award and a $100 cash award for the potting table project.

Algoma Wolf Tech posted on its Facebook page that a number of requests have come in for a Fab Lab session to build similar tables or to have one made to owner. For more information, visit the Facebook page @wolftech.