Algoma Utilities, through funding available from its power supplier, WPPI Energy, is soliciting requests from local organizations interested in a Community Contribution Grant or Economic Development Grant. Typically, grants are awarded to Algoma Utility not-for-profit customers to help offset specific community programs or project costs.

Grant requests will be accepted at the Utilities’ office through July 9, 2018. To be considered for a grant, nonprofit organizations must submit a letter requesting assistance. The letter should include information as to how the not-for-profit organization will use the funds to benefit the community or local economic development. Organizations must also show that funds are necessary to complete a project or program and the time frame in which the grant would be utilized.

Examples of past grants include, but are not limited to Algoma school projects, local safety programs, literacy and youth programs, local economic development programs, spring/summer festivals or events, park improvements, and power quality improvement projects

Letters should be sent to Algoma Utilities, Attn: Office Manager, 1407 Flora Avenue, Algoma, WI 54201. For more information, contact the Algoma Utilities office at (920) 487-5556.