One sign of the coming spring is when the outdoor warning sirens in Algoma, Casco and Luxemburg resume their place in the countywide monthly test.

Kewaunee County Emergency Management announced that beginning March 1, the sirens in the city of Algoma and the villages of Casco and Luxemburg will be included along with the other outdoor warning sirens throughout the county when the monthly siren test is performed around 11:45 a.m. on the first Wednesday of the month. That’s March 4 this year.

During the months of December, January and February the sirens in those municipalities are not tested because snow and ice can impair normal siren operations, which can cause increased maintenance cost for their respective jurisdiction.

The department reminds residents that the outdoor warning sirens are for outdoor warning only and are not intended to be heard inside homes or businesses.

To be warned indoors about severe weather, Kewaunee County Emergency Management recommends each residence have a NOAA weather radio which will alert you when severe weather (such as a thunderstorm, flooding, high winds, or tornadoes) is approaching. NOAA weather radios can be purchased and programmed at the department’s office in the county fairgrounds exhibition building, 625 Third St., Luxemburg.

Residents may also sign up for the county’s mass emergency notification system, Rave, a high-speed notification service that gives county officials the ability to deliver emergency telephone notification/information messages to targeted areas or the entire county. Rave messages can be sent to landlines, cellphones, or email.

Messages sent out from the county to date have included Burn Bans, Persons of Interest, Stay In Place, Tornado Warnings, Freezing Water Pipes, Law Enforcement messages that involve Public Safety, Missing Person, and other types of emergency notifications. To register for Rave visit the secure website at and click on the logo “Stay Informed” icon.

For more information on the outdoor warning sirens, NOAA weather radios, or Rave, contact the Kewaunee County Emergency Management office at 920-845-9700.