Community members from the Kewaunee area will take on local fifth- and sixth-graders on Wednesday, May 9, in an event that hopes to raise literacy awareness and crucial funds for both Kewaunee Elementary School and Literacy Partners of Kewaunee County Inc.

In a classic “who knows more” setting, community members and students will be asked questions based on current curriculum stemming anywhere from Kindergarten though sixth grade. Think it is easy? Not so fast….

Did you know Pluto is no longer a planet? Do you know how to skip level count or perform other Common Core tasks that our children are learning these days? A LOT of information leaves one’s head when they say goodbye to the classroom—and some of this was never in our adult heads to begin with! So it is time to see—will the kids or the community members end up on top?!

Participating in the event are local favorites, such as JJ Pagel and Jamie Witcapalek (of Pagel’s Ponderosa), Assistant District Attorney Jeff Wisnicky, Wisconsin Rep. Joel Kitchens, longtime Kewaunee physician Dr. Tom Zenner, School Board President Brian Vogeltanz, and MORE!

There is no charge for admission to the event, just a goodwill offering at the door. Ice cream and cheese curds were donated by Ron’s Cheese, Luxemburg, and Krohn’s Dairy Store/Agropur, also of Luxemburg, and will be sold for a small fee during intermission. The general public is encouraged to come and cheer on their favorite contestants and see who comes out on top.

** NOTE** Due to scheduling conflicts, the original date of April 11 has been changed to Wednesday, May 9.