Newly retired public servant Larry Kirchman was presented Tuesday with a proclamation honoring his work from the state Assembly.

Kirchman spent 16 years on the Kewaunee County Board, 16 years on the Algoma School Board, and 34 years on the Lincoln Town Board.

“Larry Kirchman’s distinguished service to Kewaunee County included numerous projects and improved the overall infrastructure of the county is a testament to his dedication to the community,” the resolution reads in part.

“Larry’s a pretty special case, because I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anybody spend as many years in public office as he has,” Kitchens said.

Kirchman said his years of service created friendships to last a lifetime, and he’d do it all over again.

“I’d like to recognize a special person that’s in attendance tonight, a person that supported me and stood by me for – I gotta get this right – 52 years; that would be my wife, Judy,” he said.

As for whether he misses the work he set aside a month ago, “I’m not having any withdrawal symptoma,” Kirchman said.

PHOTO: Citizen Larry Kirchman, left, and state Rep. Joel Kitchens.