Foam and a slight scum line are visible along the shore of the Kewaunee River looking from the County Road F bridge after a manure incident Aug. 7. (DNR photo)

Department of Natural Resources documents indicate a manure pond leak that led to spills into the Kewaunee River on Aug. 7 has been resolved.

DNR investigators were called to the Riverview ATV Park after a park maintenance worker found a large pipe that was dumping “dark flowing water” into a ravine in the park that eventually discharges into the Kewaunee River.

A drain tile outlet pipe discharges sludge into a ravine at the Riverview ATV Park on Aug. 7. (DNR photo)

Contact was made with a contractor who had laid drain tile more than 10 years ago when the last cell of the nearby Kewaunee County landfill was excavated. They capped the 12-inch pipe and followed the two-mile pipe to the other side of the landfill, where the tile line had been broken in a place where manure spreading had been recently done at the Loren Duescher farm. A large manure pond had formed in the middle of a field, the documents say.

Although the cap stopped the flow through the outlet pipe, there was still some leaking, and the farm was asked to remove the manure pond.

A DNR investigator told the Comet on Aug. 9 that the unnamed tributary through the park was running clear again but the area would be monitored. The incident was officially closed on Sept. 12.

“Water clear after manure removed … followup visits identified clear water from outlet pipe,” the Sept. 12 report summary states.