The state of Wisconsin has extended the deadline for entities interested in submitting proposals to build manure-to-energy digesters with up to $20 million in state seed money.

The request for proposals released in January had a deadline of May 1; that deadline has now been extended to July 3.

The PSC has authorized Focus on Energy to spend “up to $20 million for Integrated Anaerobic Digester projects that meet Focus on Energy eligibility requirements,” the RFP indicates. It’s expected that the full cost of the project could be as much as 10 times that amount.

In an email to interested parties, County Supervisor Lee Luft said it appears the original deadline did not allow enough time for potential bidders to prepare.

“There was simply no hope for bidders to form a consortium, enter into a legal agreement among the consortium partners, determine how the project would be funded, enlist the support of the number of farms needed, develop the infrastructure plans, find a suitable site, set budgets, contract for shipment and delivery of the methane gas, and on and on in the 89 days the bidders were given initially,” Luft said. “In my opinion, the new timing is also inadequate but it is better than it was.”