Bren Sibilsky, of the Algoma Atelier of Sculpture and Art, is the Manhattan Arts International Featured Artist of The Week.

“For international artist Bren Sibilsky there is no subject that is beyond her extraordinary capabilities. She is equally proficient in creating animated poetic sculpture of full standing figures, equestrian statues, portraits, and reliefs,” begins a profile of Sibilsky on the Manhattan Arts International website.

The site, created in 2000, is “dedicated to promoting and rewarding artistic excellence in all styles and mediums.” The organization offers a curated artist membership program, online gallery, juried online exhibitions, and articles about art and artists.

Sibilsky has gained an international reputation for her sculpture, which has been described as having “the style of classical realism with emotional undertones.”

She has had many one-person and group exhibitions including those at the Miller Art Museum, Fairfield Museum, The Francis Hardy Gallery, Arc Gallery, Koehline Museum, The Linden Gallery, Pinetop Gallery, Mill Road Gallery, Meadows Gallery and the Barnsite Art Gallery, among others.