Four individuals ranging in ages from 15 to 18 have admitted to their responsibility in damaging dozens of mailboxes and road signs in southern Kewaunee County this week, Sheriff Matt Joski said Friday.

Charges and juvenile referrals will be filed with the Kewaunee County District Attorney, Joski said.

The Sheriff’s Department received numerous calls Wednesday regarding damage done to as many as 50 mailboxes in the towns of Franklin, Montpelier and West Kewaunee.

As the investigation proceeded additional complaints were received that included mailboxes as well as a vehicle windshield damaged by blunt object. Additional damage complaints were also received involving damage to mailboxes and road signs by use of a firearm.

Sheriff Matt Joski

The total number of mailboxes and road signs damaged are still being compiled and investigated.

“The timely conclusion to this investigation was made possible due to the great work of the Dispatchers who obtained as much detailed information as possible at the time of the initial calls, as well as the Patrol Deputies who responded and initiated a thorough and exhaustive check of the area to ascertain the extent of the damage and obtain any relevant witness accounts,” Joski said in a news release.

“Our Investigative team along with our School Liaison Deputies also did an amazing job of following up on the many leads and using their relationships with the community to obtain further details and collating the many pieces of information which lead to the identification of those responsible,” the sheriff said.

“Last but not least we need to recognize the young adults of our community who had the courage and character to step forward with information they had in regards to these reckless and belligerent acts,” he said. “We are very proud of our students who took a stand and recognized their role in keeping our community safe.”