Kewaunee Mayor Sandi Christman will face James Kleiman III in the April 3 election. The results of Tuesday’s primary election: Christman 204, Kleiman 143, Joe Mills 57.

The mayoral race was one of three local primaries, the other two involving seats on the Kewaunee County Board.

In District 2, serving the town of Lincoln. Town Chairman Cory Cochart and Mark Kusniesz advances to the general election. The vote tally was Cochart 116, Kusniesz 71 and Joe Musial 17. Supervisor Larry Kirchman is stepping down from the board.

Ron Paider is not running for re-election representing the town of Franklin in District 10. Thomas Cretney led with 60 votes, followed by John Wochos with 44 and Duane Ducar 33. Cretney and Wochos will be on the April 3 ballot.

In the state Supreme Court race, Michael Screnock led Kewaunee County with 1,043 votes to Rebecca Dallet’s 596 and 262 for Tim Burns.