Press release

City of Kewaunee Draft Integrated Plan Seeking Public Input

The City of Kewaunee sought and received a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Administration, the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The purpose of these funds is to forward and validate the plans developed in the Waterfront Plan adopted earlier this year. The City of Kewaunee’s grant is to continue these planning efforts through the development of an Integrated Planning Document which will embark on a coordinated planning process encompassing:

• The review, supplementation and amendment of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, dated March, 2007;

• The review, supplementation and amendment of the City’s Outdoor Recreation Plan, dated January, 2012; and

• The review of the City’s Waterfront Plan, including a Retail Market Analysis to validate the desired commercial activates identified in the Waterfront Plan.

The draft Integrated Plan including the retail market analysis is now available for public review and input. The Plan can be found on the City’s web page at

Mayor Sandi Christman said, “The Integrated Plan was created not only to update previous plans, but to combine the plans into a single document. This will combine the elements within the plans, aid in breaking down silos that exist between the plans and assist in prioritizing the needs of the City. Finally, I am really excited about the Retail Market Analysis as it will serve to greatly reduce the risk associated with business startup in the City.”

Residents are encouraged to read the draft Integrated Plan and submit their feedback their Alderpersons.

Please feel free to call 920-388-5000 with any questions.