Dr. Mark Borchardt, part of a team of scientists that has done extensive study of groundwater contamination issues in Kewaunee County, is scheduled to brief the county’s Land & Water Conservation Committee on his findings during its meeting Tuesday (Jan. 8).

The meeting time has been changed to 10 a.m. to accommodate Borchardt. The meeting place is still the Land & Water Conservation Department conference room at 625 Third St., Luxemburg (the County Fair Exhibition Building).

At the committee’s Dec. 11 meeting, Nancy Utesch of the Kewaunee Cares group questioned why Borchardt had not yet given county officials a briefing on his completed quantitative risk analysis report based on the study, which compiled data from the random sampling of 621 private wells in the county. Research released in 2017 indicated about 208 of those wells showed contamination from bacteria or high nitrate levels, and a review of the pathogens in the contaminated wells showed levels well above the state average. There was evidence of both bovine and human waste in the affected wells.

County Conservationist Davina Bonness told the committee in December that she had been in contact with Borchardt about making a presentation at its next meeting.