In a news release posted at the Wheeler Report on Monday, the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters called “insufficient” Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to seek proposals from private investors to create manure digesters to tackle Kewaunee County’s water quality issues:

MADISON —Governor Walker recently announced he will seek private investment in manure digesters to address the growing drinking water problem in Kewaunee County. This is a woefully insufficient “solution” to a public health crisis.
In Kewaunee County delicate geology known as karst is being inundated with manure. Solid and liquid manure spread as fertilizer by farms and waste disposal contractors in karst areas – where there are cracks, faults, and holes in the bedrock – is poisoning local wells. It’s turning water at the tap brown and forcing citizens to haul safe water for drinking and washing from a local school.
Walker should instead direct the Department of Natural Resources Board to adopt a strong NR151 rule to limit when and where manure can be spread on land in karst areas. Walker should also include adequate DNR staff in his state budget to ensure all farms are in compliance with their Clean Water permits.
“As Wisconsin taxpayers, we expect safe, clean drinking water,” said Kerry Schumann, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters executive director. “And yet, liquid manure is literally pouring out of some families’ faucets when it rains. Gov. Walker, the legislature, and the DNR need to make solving this public health crisis a priority.”