Press release

Kewaunee County anglers who are bringing their boats to fish East Alaska Lake and Shea’s Lake throughout the summer may be greeted by a watercraft inspector as part of the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program, a statewide education and monitoring effort to combat invasive species in the water.

The Kewaunee County Land & Water Conservation Department has partnered with Glacierland Resource Conservation & Development to establish the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) program within the County, while selecting East Alaska Lake and Shea’s Lake as priority areas.

“When living in a county surrounded by beautiful lakes, it is easy to take them for granted. This is an easy opportunity to raise public awareness about aquatic invasive species that threaten the lakes we fish, swim, boat and purely enjoy being in and around. Invasive species can quickly change all of those experiences,” said Kate Nelson, conservation specialist with the Land & Water Conservation Department. “This state program has been around since 2004, and the DNR is seeing positive results in reducing the spread of aquatic invasive species. We wanted Kewaunee County to be part of those efforts.”

Inspector Sloan Wunder (pictured) will talk with anglers about prevention steps they can take to stop invasive species from spreading between water bodies, perform boat and trailer checks for invasive species as well as distribute information and collect and report any new water body infestations.

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