The Kewaunee County Board is formally on record as supporting funding for a total maximum daily load (TDML) study of impaired waterways in Kewaunee, Door, Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties.

The study is part of the 2017-19 state budget that was passed this month and signed by Gov. Scott Walker, but the budget process was not complete when the County Board voted 20-0 on Sept. 19.

The Ahnapee River, East Twin River and Kewaunee River are all on the Impaired Waters List. A TDML EPA’s 303(d) Program assists states, territories and authorized tribes in submitting lists of impaired waters and developing TMDLs. A TMDL establishes the maximum amount of a pollutant allowed in a water body and serves as the starting point or planning tool for restoring water quality.

“These very important fresh water resources deserve careful attention to preserve the waters of the state, promote aquatic life, and enhance sport fishing and other recreational opportunities,” the board’s resolution reads in part.