Kewaunee County has launched an advanced public survey system, where officials say residents can provide their opinion on local issues and county government within a matter of minutes and at a time convenient to them.

Kewaunee County has contracted Polco, a web-based polling firm that assists local government agencies nationwide by providing tools to collect views concerning proposed legislation, ordinances, agenda items and more.

Through the use of Polco’s civic analytics website and apps, the county is able to post questions directly to residents to receive reliable data intended to help drive local policy. By increasing civic engagement through web-based system, this is an opportunity to improve communication to impact change.

“This is another way to have a voice on not only all hot-button issues, but other topics of interest and to keep your identity anonymous,” said Scott Feldt, Kewaunee County administrator. “We want to hear what your thoughts and views are and we want to make improvements on areas of concern and look into suggestions that can provide a better quality of life for everyone in Kewaunee County.”

Residents become active users of Polco by visiting and creating an account. Polco’s platform is available via web, mobile, email, and any place Polco e-ballots are found online. This service is free to all constituents.

Under Polco’s privacy policy is to share only aggregated, de-identified results, and participants’ detailed data and votes are never shared, Feldt said.

The current questions about Kewaunee County on Polco:

+ How satisfied are you with Kewaunee County government?

+ What places or activities do you enjoy most in Kewaunee County?

+ Do you believe the Kewaunee County economy is getting better, staying same or getting worse?

+ What is the most important issue facing Kewaunee County?

A link to Polco can be found on the home page of the Kewaunee County website,

For more information, contact Feldt at Questions about free registration or participation can be answered by calling 608-709-VOTE.