Press release

Kewaunee County continues to pass its portion of the biennial Plume Pathway Emergency Response Exercise meeting all of its evaluated criteria of how to handle a potential incident at Point Beach Nuclear Plant (PBNP) in Two Rivers.

On Tuesday (June 11), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducted off-site evaluations of the State of Wisconsin, Kewaunee and Manitowoc counties, and FEMA gave each passing marks on Friday.

During the exercise, agents were stationed at Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) in Madison, Manitowoc, and Luxemburg as well as the Joint Information Center (JIC) in Green Bay to grade participants. The state and counties checked off more than a dozen areas that included how well each one protected the health and safety of the public potentially at risk in the 10-mile radius of PBNP.

According to the agency, preliminary results show Kewaunee County performed well in its 14 selected criteria and no issues were detected. FEMA also recognized the strong leadership at the Kewaunee County EOC from Kewaunee County Emergency Management Director Tracy Nollenberg.

“This is a team effort and we have to acknowledge the more than 100 players that participate on Kewaunee County’s behalf to make sure that we’re organized and ready to go if an emergency were to occur,” Nollenberg said. “The knowledge that we gain from practicing emergency response as a large group for an incident at Point Beach Nuclear Plant can be implemented in Kewaunee County for any type of disaster, including tornado, chemical spills, and floods, so really it serves multiple purposes.”

In addition to the Plume Pathway Emergency Response Exercise, FEMA officials also monitor coordination between the Kewaunee County EOC and the JIC on how to relay important information to the public through the media as well as response to rumor control, and the ability to handle traffic impediments that could impact designated evacuation routes.

This week’s exercise was done in sequence with a FEMA evaluation conducted last month of Kewaunee County’s reception center procedures at Luxemburg-Casco Intermediate School. The reception center is where local residents would go to be monitored for any radiological contamination and to obtain any further assistance that they may need if evacuated. Kewaunee County also passed this portion of the exercise.

The final report from FEMA is expected to be made available in 90 days.