Kewaunee County’s new sales tax appears to be performing as advertised, at least after three full months of collections.

County Administrator Scott Feldt said Tuesday he is “fairly optimistic” the half-percent sales tax will meet the projection that it will collect about $1 million in revenues annually.

The County Board voted last November to establish the tax as one way of making up for lost revenues resulting from the 2013 closure of the Kewaunee Power Station nuclear plant.

Feldt was asked for an informal report during his monthly report to the board on Tuesday.

“The first month, which was a partial month, was about $20,000-some, I’m sort of pushing that off to the side because it wasn’t a full month,” Feldt said. “So the first full month was $70,000, the second month was $80,000, and the third month was $100,000.

“From our estimation, we had budgeted a million dollars in county sales tax for 2018, and I feel fairly optimistic that the estimation is accurate, just going from our first three months, and I believe that as time goes on that collection will actually rise.”