COVID-19 numbers in Kewaunee County have risen significantly in the past month, the county Public Health director told the County Board on Tuesday (Nov. 10).

By Thursday, Cindy Kinnard’s department was reporting 1,403 positive tests for the coronavirus in Kewaunee County, including 13 deaths — 11 of them in the last month.

“We took a pretty big hit the last couple of weeks,” Kinnard said. “We’ve had a few outbreaks in the county that were quite significant.”

Significant numbers of cases have occurred at local community-based residential facilities and assisted-living institutions, including five deaths in one facility, she said.

Public Health is monitoring and working with those facilities on a daily basis to make sure that those numbers start to come down, Kinnard said. As soon as a staff or resident has a positive test, everyone is tested weekly until it’s back down to zero.

COVID-19 activity at schools has stayed relatively low, she said. All three public school districts are conducting face-to-face classes, although Kewaunee is rotating groups of students between in-person and virtual learning.