Friends of Crescent Beach in Algoma needs more volunteers.

In an appeal shared on the organization’s website, the Friends ask people to consider sparing “an hour or so this summer to help keep our beach looking good.”

Volunteers can choose one weekend date between Memorial Day and the end of September to stroll down the beach and boardwalk picking up litter. Partners or family groups are encouraged.

Instructions and all supplies are provided, and all volunteers are eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the beach season.

The call for volunteers includes a list of reasons why it’s important to keep the beach clean:

+ A clean beach sends a positive message about our community.

+ We save our City money when it doesn’t have to pay someone to pick up trash.

+ Much of the trash is not biodegradable so if it remained on our beach or in our water it would stay in our environment for a long time.

+ Fish, birds and other wildlife can mistake trash for food and choke, get poisoned or sick.

+ Even if wildlife doesn’t get sick, eating trash or human food can make them feel full and they won’t eat the nutritious food they need to be healthy.

+ As trash breaks down chemicals can be released into the environment that makes people and wildlife sick.

+ Litter attracts birds that hang around on our beach and cause pollution that may cause illness.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Cathy Pabich at 920-487-8186 or