An organization representing dairy farmers welcomed the announcement Friday (May 17) that The United States struck deals to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada and Mexico, removing a major obstacle to legislative approval of a new North American trade pact.

Reuters reported that the separate agreements, which will not impose U.S. quotas on Canadian and Mexican metals shipments, will also eliminate Mexican and Canadian retaliatory tariffs on a broad range of U.S. products, including pork, beef and bourbon.

Brody Stapel
(courtesy Flood Photography)

“This is certainly good news for our dairy farmers and processors,” said Brody Stapel, president of Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative and a dairy farmer from eastern Wisconsin. “Ending these tariffs will remove a roadblock to free and fair trade with two important partners, particularly Mexico, which is by far the biggest buyer of our dairy products.”

Stapel said the cooperative hopes this is a sign the proposed USMCA trade pact between the countries will get the full support of Congress.

“That deal is critical to the long-term success of the U.S. dairy community, so we cannot stress enough the importance of our lawmakers in both parties getting behind USMCA as soon as possible,” he said. “President Trump and U.S. trade negotiators deserve credit for moving to resolve the issues that are keeping America’s hard-working dairy farmers from receiving the full benefits of doing business internationally.”