Press release

U.S. Gain has announced its anaerobic digester at Deer Run Dairy in Kewaunee is complete, designed to transform animal waste to clean, low-carbon fuel for the transportation market.

The company says renewal natural gas (RNG) production offers Deer Run Dairy the opportunity to improve manure management practices from its herd of 1,700 milking cows.

“We’ve developed a great relationship with Deer Run Dairy over the years and are pleased to work with them on this opportunity, especially given the benefits their farm will receive,” said Hardy Sawall, U.S. Gain RNG director of business development. “This includes animal bedding and nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be either used by the farm as a cost savings measure or profitably sold. I look forward to continued collaboration with the Deer Run Dairy team, finding innovative ways to increase efficiency and gas output at the facility.”

In 2021, U.S. Gain plans to expand the system’s capacity by installing a mixing tank that will enable other local farms to bring animal waste to Deer Run Dairy.

“We’re excited about the opportunities this will create for the region – both environmentally and economically,” said Pat Van Dehy, U.S. Gain’s director of operations. “It’s rewarding to be on both sides of the RNG supply chain – managing development of RNG production sites while at the same time, building new natural gas fueling stations in which gas produced can be dispensed.”

Deer Run Diary owners Dale Bogart and Duane Ducat expressed their enthusiasm for the project.

“As caretakers of the land, we feel a strong obligation to continue looking at all aspects of our operations to determine what’s best, not only for our farm, but also for our community,” Bogart said. “We couldn’t be more pleased in partnering with U.S. Gain, a like-minded company that sees the value in ensuring a brighter future for us all. When the capacity is increased next year, we encourage our neighbors to consider this waste management option.”

RNG produced at Deer Run Dairy will be transported to a new decanting facility U.S. Gain constructed at Holsum Dairy located in Hilbert, where it will be injected into the natural gas pipeline.