The state Department of Natural Resources investigated at least four manure spills in Kewaunee County during the fourth quarter of 2017, according to documents available at the DNR website.

–The DNR was notified Oct. 30 that manure somehow got into a tile line and began to discharge into a wetland along County Road B about three-quarters of a mile north of County Road F in the town of West Kewaunee.

Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy, which had recently spread manure on the field, notified the DNR about the spill and called in vacuum trucks to start the cleanup, eventually removing 33,000 gallons of contaminated water from a road culvert. The liquid was spread onto another Pagel field or returned to a manure pit.

– A small overflow was reported Nov. 6 at Rolling Hills Dairy Farm in the town of Montpelier. About 200 gallons of manure spilled after a manure flush system was inadvertently blocked while a barn was being cleaned. About 5,000 gallons of water was used to flush and suck up the contamination.

– DNR staff on Nov. 8 observed manure-contaminated water from a field drain-tile line network that discharged to a wetland along County Road J in the town of Carlton. The contaminated water eventually discharged into an unnamed tributary of the East Twin River.

Several fields in the area were identified as recently receiving manure, including one owned and managed by Wakker Dairy, which ultimately identified the source and assumed responsibility for the spill and cleanup.

About 83,000 gallons of manure-contaminated water was removed by a contractor. Wakker removed 33,000 gallons and surface-applied it on two fields, and another 8,100 was discharged into a Wakker manure pit.

– Rain caused liquid manure from Srnka Farms to run off fields along County Road S in the town of Lincoln on Nov. 15. The farm placed sand at the south culvert and had a sanitation firm pump up the liquid.

The information is contained in reports posted on the DNR’s environmental cleanup and brownfields redevelopment online database. The reports are not posted until a file is closed.