The Kewaunee County Dairy Promotion Committee on Thursday recognized Don and Wendy Walter and their family with its annual Honorary Volunteer Award.

“Don and his family have served the Kewaunee County agriculture community in many ways through the years,” said Tammy Barta, whose family owns Rio Creek Feed Mill, in introducing her neighbors.

The Walters own Walters of Rio Creek as well as Walter’s Do It Best Hardware in Algoma, and Don – who is a pilot – owns and operates the Rio Creek Airport, home of the Rio Creek Fly-In that is scheduled for July 1 this year.

Wendy and Don Walter receive the Honorary Volunteer Award from Kewaunee County Dairy Promotion.

“It perplexes me because they sell all sizes of lawn mower over there, but he doesn’t always use a huge lawn mower with a big deck (to cut the grass at the airport),” Barta said. “Often he seems to be using the smallest; I’m guessing that he really enjoys that job.”

The Walters will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary later this month ran the businesses together and now with their daughters, Tammy and Brenda, along with other family and friends.

“I’ve said many times that in order to serve the farm community well, with a true desire to help your customers be successful, you have to be a farmer at heart,” Barta said. “I think that Don and the members of his family truly are farmers at heart. They’re big hearts – they are an inspiring family with a strong faith and strong family values.”

Years ago the Walters’ store slogan was “King of Better Deals,” so Barta introduced the clan as “Rio Creek royalty.”