A draft of the Kewaunee County 10-year Land & Water Resource Management Plan has been completed and recommended for approval by its oversight committee.

The Land & Water Conservation Committee’s recommendation is the first step in the process that next includes review by staff in the state Departments of Natural Resources (DNR) and Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), County Conservationist Davina Bonness said when the committee met Tuesday.

Bonness said she plans to post the draft plan at the county website, www.kewauneeco.org. After the state review, the plan goes to a public hearing, then to the County Board, and finally to DATCP for final approval in April.

The plan’s 10-year goals and objectives were taken directly from a Sept. 11 planning meeting attended by a variety of local stakeholders, when the top three issues facing the county were identified as groundwater, surface water, and the effect of animal waste on water and soil quality.

“It’s pretty much exactly how they ranked out, exactly how we wrote them, I laid them right out there in the plan that way, made our 10-year work plan based off of those and based off of our previous work plans,” Bonness said.

Committee Chairman Chuck Wagner, a former member of the state Land & Water Conservation Commission, said the draft Kewaunee County plan is “very, very good.”

During his time on the state panel, Wagner said he pushed to see that these county plans have quantifiable goals.

“What I would say to the counties is don’t come to us and say you’re going to work on getting more nutrient management plans, OK? Tell me how many plans are you going to get each year of your plan, or how many acres are going to be covered each year of your plan under nutrient management planning,” Wagner said. “That way you could gauge where you were.”

The goal is to set a reasonable goal, not so high that it’s unattainable and, not so low that it’s too easy, he said.

“I’ve had a lot of experience with these plans, I’ve seen every county in the state twice through the years that I was on that committee, and I think this is a very, very good plan that’s been put together,” Wagner said.