The state Department of Natural Resources may authorize a retesting of the East Twin River as early as this year, the chairman of the Kewaunee County Land and Water Conservation Committee said this week.

The County Board passed a resolution in October asking the DNR to “conduct an immediate and full water quality and aquatic life survey of the East Twin River … To determine the impact of the new and increased level of contaminants flowing from a nearby manufacturing place or other sources on this one Exceptional trout fishery.”

Supervisor Lee Luft has been preparing a followup letter to the DNR that will include data collected by a university study group indicating aquatic life on the river is at risk.

“All of the backup data — the date it was tested, the time it was tested, the weather conditions that it was tested under, the company that did the testing, the quality assurance report on how it was done, all of that data will accompany this letter to the DNR requesting that we do have an immediate test of the East Twin River waterway,” Luft told his fellow committee members.

Chairman John Pagel said he had a conversation with the DNR and learned the agency is aware of the county’s concerns and plans to act either this year or next. A decision is expected next month.

“The funds are available, it all depends on the other requests that come in,” Pagel said, suggesting Luft’s letter may not be necessary.

But Luft said the letter could help the agency recognize the urgency of the threat to the East Twin.

“I would much rather have them do it in 2017, so I do think it’s important to send this,” Luft said. “If they need just a little extra push, it doesn’t hurt.”