(Algoma Record-Herald, Dec. 12, 1941)

The United States is at war! If there had been any serious dissension or disunity among Americans, it was dissipated by the dastardly attack of the Japanese upon the outposts of the United States in the Pacific Ocean early Sunday afternoon.

From this moment on there will be absolute unity of purpose of all Americans in every section of the United States and in every walk of life. That was quite definitely proved Monday noon when the Congress voted a declaration of war against the Nipponese with but a single dissenting vote – that coming from Miss Rankin, Montana congresswoman.

There isn’t any question but that there is going to be a long hard row ahead of us all. But there is no other way out. Events and circumstances have been such that the United States has simply been forced to take a position in the world struggle of conflicting ideologies and economic and political thought.

There will be reverses, of course, but, God willing, the armed forces of our own great democracy with the assistance of the democracies of the world, fortified by the conviction that we are fighting for a just and worthy cause, must and will win. God grant that a righteous victory will come soon.