El-Na Farms LLC in the town of Lincoln took part this year in a Land O’Lakes cooperative pilot program that tested new technology in soil erosion prevention.

The pilot is the subject of an article posted on news portal of the cooperative’s  website.

“A big concern for us here is depth of soil because of our bedrock. We’re always looking for ways to help the soil stay put,” says Lonnie, who manages El-Na Farms’ agronomy operation. “A lot of the same issues that are talked about here are addressed as part of Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN—the things you can do and see as far as soil loss, erosion, which really boils down to loss of nutrients.”

How it works

The SoilVantage® suite includes tools that help farmers understand and manage areas in their fields most susceptible to soil erosion. SoilCalculator is the foundation and sets a baseline for erosion by analyzing the farm’s crop rotation and tillage methods within the field boundaries. Utilizing aerial imagery, soil maps and elevation data, a field specific report shows the soil loss on 9 meter grids including average soil loss per acre and estimated potential yield and nutrient loss quantified in the clearest of terms: dollars per acre.

Farmers can compare these results to another two management systems to better understand how changing tillage, rotation and/or adding cover crops affects soil loss. Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN works exclusively with Agren, an Iowa based software company, to offer the suite of tools.

Source: Land O’Lakes Inc. – Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN’s precision conservation pilot shows promise