Photo: Host farmer Randy Ebert leads a tour of Ebert Enterprises during Media Day for Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2017, which begins Tuesday on the grounds of the farm outside Algoma.

With just days to go, the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days grounds at Ebert Enterprises outside Algoma are teeming with activity, as crews prepare for the state’s largest agricultural exposition.

The big event Tuesday through Thursday, which annually draws up to 45,000 visitors to the host community, is being held in Kewaunee County for the first time.

The lights are scheduled to go on Friday; electrical lines were being dug to service the hundreds of booths in tent city. Street signs were put in place last week for the 10-block by 4-block “city.”

Exhibitors with outdoor lots have been setting up since June 27, and inside booths set-up begins Sunday.

With a goal of 1,500, organizers had signed up 1,619 volunteers to work on various aspects of Farm Technology Days. One of those aspects is landscaping, where the Greenscapers Committee has planted 181 big mineral tubs, 64 small mineral tubs, 30 tree pots, three miscellanous-sized containers, and one washing machine for a total of 289 pots for the show. Nearly 10,000 plants were donated.

Farm Technology Days grounds will be open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Ebert Enterprises, E5083 County Road K, Algoma. Visitors should follow directional signs to parking lots. An opening ceremony is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.