The countdown stood at 112 days until Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days as of Tuesday night, and the County Board heard an update on planning from Agricultural Agent Aerica Bjurstrom.

The state’s largest farm trade show is scheduled for July 11-13 on the Ebert Enterprises farm on County D near Algoma. More than 700 volunteers have signed up, almost halfway to the goal of 1,500.

“We’ll take volunteers of any age and we’ll find them an appropriate job,” Bjurstrom said. “They must be 14 to work in parking, 16 to work in food, and 18 to operate any kind of machinery and that includes golf carts and Gators.”

Aerica Bjurstrom

Kewaunee County ag agent Aerica Bjurstrom updates the County Board about planning for Farm Technology Days.

The second of three promotional videos for the event, this one featuring the host Ebert family, has already been viewed 91,000 times in the first two weeks after its release, she said. That compares to 63,000 views for the first video, which was released in December.

Bjurstrom invited board members to attend Media Day, which begins at 9 a.m. June 6.

In addition to the tent city exhibits and programs, visitors to the three-day show will be able to tour the farm and see field demonstrations featuring the farm and forage harvest. Between 30,000 and 45,000 visitors are expected to come to Kewaunee County for the show, Bjurstrom said.

Fundraising is at $500,000 in cash and in-kind donations.

“It’s very clear we have a lot of people who are very excited and passionate about this event,” Bjurstrom said.

About 550 special commemorative toys have been sold, and an order of 100 came in Monday from a store in Pennsylvania, she said.

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