U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wisconsin, and Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., passed their bipartisan bill July 28 that allows for the establishment of the National Global War on Terrorism Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The bill seeks to commemorate and honor the members of the Armed Forces who served in defense of the United States in the Global War on Terrorism. Both Rep. Gallagher and Rep. Moulton are post 9/11 Marine Corps veterans who served in Iraq.

“After today’s vote in the House, I could not be more proud to announce that we are one step closer to securing our brave warfighters’ rightful place in our nation’s capital,” Gallagher said in a news release. “The Global War on Terrorism Memorial is for the over 6,800 men and women who have died fighting, those who continue fighting, and those who are still joining the fight against terrorism. I hope the Senate follows suit and the president signs this bill into law as soon as possible so that the Global War on Terrorism Memorial will one day stand alongside others as an enduring reminder of the cost of liberty. said Rep. Gallagher.

The first-term representative said passage was an important first step in ensuring that the men and women who willingly gave their lives in the War on Terror are afforded a place on the national mall where their loved ones can pay respects and honor their sacrifice.

“For me, like so many of my colleagues, this is personal,” Moulton said. “The tradition has been to not make memorials until after wars are completed, but that’s simply an outdated model. I urge the Senate to follow our lead and make sure this get to the President’s desk.”

The bill exempts the Memorial from current law which prohibits commemorations from being authorized on federal land until at least ten years after the officially designated end of a conflict. The two sponsors said unlike most previous conflicts, the Global War on Terror is an ongoing fight, so this legislation would enable the country to pay tribute to those who have served, and continue to serve.