The bill that would call for closing the Green Bay Correctional Institution and building a new facility in or near Brown County will receive a public hearing before the Assembly Corrections Committee on Tuesday.

AB 292 is one of five bills scheduled for public testimony at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Room 415 Northwest of the state Capitol. Wisconsin Eye plans to stream the hearing live.

State Rep. David Steffen, R-Howard, says he authored the proposal in response to the significant operational costs and capacity concerns at the 119-year-old prison.

“I am incredibly excited to see this proposal continue to gain support,” Steffen said in a news release Monday afternoon announcing the Tuesday morning hearing. “I look forward to the opportunity at a public hearing to further discuss the benefits this proposal provides to my community and the entire state.”

Kewaunee County Board Chairman Robert Weidner says he’s been invited to testify at the hearing. The bill calls for a new prison to be built by a private contractor, and staffed by the state Department of Corrections, on land in Brown County or an adjacent county.

The model allows for significant savings of taxpayer dollars attributed to reduced capital and operational costs, Steffen said, calling the arrangement a public/private partnership.