There will be at least six new members of the Kewaunee County Board after the April 7 election, although the ballot won’t be final until later this week.

After the regular deadline for filing nomination papers passed Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 7), a half-dozen incumbent supervisors chose not to run for re-election and four others will face challengers in the spring election.

The retiring board members include County Board Chairman Robert Weidner and Supervisors Kent Treml and Charles Schmitt, who all filed Notices of Non-candidacy late, extending the deadline for candidate filings until 5 p.m. Friday in Districts 4, 5 and 7.

Three other supervisors filed their notices before the Dec. 27 deadline: Cory Cochart, Lee Luft and Kaye Shillin. Only one candidate emerged in each of their districts, so barring a successful write-in campaign Cochart will be succeeded by Nicholas Guilette, Jeffrey L. Vollenweider will take Luft’s seat, and Shillin’s position will be taken by Joanne M. Lazansky.

The incumbents who have challengers for the next two-year term:

District 6 (Village of Luxemburg, Wards 1 & 2) – Daniel Olson (I) and Donna M. Thomas

District 8 (Town of Luxemburg, Ward 3; Village of Luxemburg, Ward 3; Town of Montpelier, Ward 3) – Douglas Doell (I) and Frank Madzarevic

District 10 (Town of Franklin) – Tom Cretney (I) and John Wochos

District 12 (Town of West Kewaunee, Ward 1) – Mary E. Dobbins (I) and Milt Swagel

All four races are rematches of the 2018 election. The District 10 race ended in a tie with Cretney’s name being drawn from a box.

The rest of the incumbents are running unopposed: Aaron Augustian, Virginia Haske, Scott Jahnke, Kim Kroll, Joseph Lukes, John Mastalir, Gerald Paape, Thomas Romdenne, Linda Teske, and Chuck Wagner.