A long-delayed trial began Monday morning in the case of a Green Bay man accused of supplying the heroin that killed a Kewaunee County man.

Charles E. Carthage, 44, is charged with being party to the crime of first-degree reckless homicide by delivering drugs, in connection with the January 2013 death of Andrew LeFevre, 34, of rural Casco.

The criminal complaint, filed against Carthage two months later, alleges that LeFevre died of a heroin overdose and that investigators traced the drug back to Carthage, who is currently serving a five-year prison sentence in an unrelated Brown County heroin trafficking case.

The trial has been delayed a number of times as attorneys exchanged motions and argued various issues, including a defense motion to dismiss the case because the toxicologist who performed the tests on LeFevre’s blood is no longer available to testify.

Brown County Circuit Judge Donald Zuidmulder is hearing the case in Kewaunee County Court. The trial is scheduled to run up to three days, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.