Local residents will have an opportunity to learn more about the planned Forestville Millpond at a special informational meeting at 3 p.m. Monday (April 1) at Algoma City Hall, 416 Fremont St.

Rep. Joel Kitchens, R-Sturgeon Bay, announced the session featuring staff members of the Department of Natural Resources to discuss the process of the Forestville Mill Pond drawdown and the expected impact it will have within the 1st Assembly District.

“While the decision to draw the mill pond down is a local issue and appears to be final, I feel it is important for the public to understand what the drawdown will actually entail,” Kitchens said. “With that in mind, I have asked the DNR to hold an informational hearing so that we can all learn what to expect during and after the drawdown process.”

The Door County Board in January voted to authorize a two-year drawdown of the pond, beginning in November 2019. Forestville and Kewaunee County residents and officials have raised concerns about the effect of the extended drawdown on the local economy and the waters of the Ahnapee River downstream from the dam.

Although the DNR will be advising Door County and assisting with the process, Kitchen emphasized that neither he nor the DNR is a decision-making authority and Door County has made the decision to move ahead with the project.

“Because of this, the informational hearing is not a venue to ask for an appeal,” Kitchens said. “Since the presenters are taking time out of their schedules to educate us all on the process, I ask that we respectfully listen and focus any questions solely on the draw down process itself.”