Press release from Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days. Photo by Kewaunee Comet.

Algoma, Wis. – Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days will have more than enough attractions for both farmer and non-farmers to enjoy, from unique foods and large equipment demonstrations to children’s activities and horse presentations, everyone will find something to enjoy.

However, as this is Farm Technology Days, there will be exhibits that will even attract the techies of the agricultural community. At the center of it all is Innovation Square, sponsored by Exacto.

The square will be in the heart of Tent City at this year’s show, featuring the newest agricultural developments used on farms all over the world. Innovation Square will also bring pieces of hosting county, Kewaunee County, through the means of a Farmer’s Market and replicas of locally recognized public spaces.

As for the technological wonders of Innovation Square, visitors of the show will be able to get up close and personal with a number of exciting products and services including an automatic feeding system, waste recycling systems, a hay feeder, crop development technologies and more all designed to make life on the farm a lot easier and better for the environment.

“They will showcase innovative solutions to problems that face the agricultural industry on a daily basis,” Co-Chair of the Innovation Square Committee Will Hewett said. “It will be great to bring these tools to life for our visitors.”

The executive committee for Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days has put in a lot of effort over the last few years of planning for the event to make sure the show focuses on more than just dairy cows. This is how the Innovation Square Farmer’s Market comes into focus.

“The committee came up with the idea for the farmer’s market together, and we all are very excited to have it in the show,” Hewett said. “We wanted a way to show the different forms of agriculture here in Kewaunee County, and it allows the vineyards, the breweries, the CSAs, and all the other farmers that aren’t involved with dairy to have a voice.”

Kewaunee County’s agriculture diversity is widespread, including other operations including cheesemakers, organic vegetable growers, beekeepers, flower growers, beef operations and more.

Innovation Square will be easy to find, as it features a 24-foot replica of Algoma’s iconic red lighthouse with a working light on top. The lighthouse was installed in the middle of a recently cut hay field earlier this week.

As Lake Michigan is essential to everyday life and many industries within Kewaunee County, a miniature Lake Michigan is being built into the square along with a smaller version of the Ahnapee State Trail.

People will also get to enjoy a toy show within Innovation Square. The show will host rare and collectible agricultural toys donated for the week from local collectors. A display will also feature the commemorative toy for the Kewaunee Show, the Gehl 800 Forage Harvester.

For more information about Innovation Square and Farm Technology Days, please visit our website or official show program at

Farm Technology Days 2017 will be open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., July 11-13 at Ebert Enterprises at E5083 County Road K, Algoma, Wis. 54201. Admission is $8 for everyone age 12 and up, and parking is free. For more information, visit and find us on Facebook and Twitter.