The deadline is fast approaching to apply for the open position of Kewaunee County Economic Development Corp. executive director. Applications are due Friday (Nov. 30).

The organization has been undergoing a restructuring and renewal over the past year. Here’s the announcement reminding potential candidate to apply by Friday:

The Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation (KCEDC) encourages any potential candidates for the Executive Director position to submit their cover letter and resume by the Nov. 30 deadline. The job description, essential duties, requirements, and application information are on the KCEDC website.

KCEDC Executive Director Applicant Information:

The executive director will lead the KCEDC, a nonprofit business supported by joint public/private funding. Primary responsibilities will be to serve and support the community for business development, new business start-ups and other dedicated services that enhance and benefit the economic and community growth.

Members of the community, investors, business owners, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders are encouraged to sign up for the KCEDC newsletter to learn about the organization’s activities, economic development news, business assistance, and other business news.

Sign up for the KCEDC Newsletter here:

Businesses in Kewaunee County may contact the interim executive director, Kim Larson, for any assistance at