The city of Kewaunee has improved the traffic control signs at an intersection where students have been having trouble crossing the street.

Lines for the crosswalks were painted at Third and Ellis streets. and yellow signs were placed in the middle of the intersection reminding drivers to yield for pedestrians.

Ellis Streets is one of Kewaunee’s most heavily traveled streets.

In a Facebook post announcing the improvement, the Kewaunee Police Department said:

We want to take a moment to remind everyone that it is State Law that drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. School is back in session, and many of our students walk to and from school. The safety of those students, and everyone else on the road, is one our top priorities.

3 p.m. is a busy time for our area. Not only are students walking home from school, but some of our local companies are getting off of work at that time as well. This could be considered our “rush-hour traffic” time …

If you are driving home from work, please be alert for the students. Parents, please talk with your kids and remind them to be safe. We have not had any problems yet, and we really would like to keep it that way. – Thank you!