Robert Weidner was re-elected chairman of the Kewaunee County Board when supervisors gathered Tuesday night for their biannual organizational meeting.

Supervisor Gary Paape was the choice as vice chairman, succeeding Linda Sinkula who chose not to run for re-election to the board this year.

Paape received 12 votes for vice chairman to six for Supervisor Lee Luft and two for Supervisor Linda Teske.

It was the first board meeting for eight supervisors who were elected April 3. County Board supervisors serve two-year terms on the 20-member board.

The board made a couple of changes to its rules of order before voting 19-1 to approve them. The county Highway and Solid Waste Committee will now be appointed by the chairman and approved by the full board; in the past the committee members were elected by the board. The County Board chairman will also appoint the chairman of the Human Services Board, to reflect recent practice.

Supervisors passed three routine resolutions before taking a recess of more than an hour, during which Weidner met with them individually and in groups to discuss committee assignments and other orientation matters.

They then reconvened to approve the assignments:

Extension Education & Zoning Committee: Chairman Tom Romdenne, Chuck Wagner, Gary Paape, and Mary Ellen Dobbins.

Finance & Public Property Committee: Chairman Virginia Haske, Lee Luft, Romdenne, Daniel Olson, and John Mastalir.

Health, Veterans Service & Child Support Committee: Chairman Dobbins, Kaye Shillin, Linda Teske, Kim Kroll and Haske. (When the group meets as the Health Committee, Dr. Stephen Shopbell is also a member.)

Highway & Solid Waste Committee: Chairman Paape, Romdenne, Mastalir, Cory Cochart and Tom Cretney.

Human Services Committee: Chairman Shillin, Haske, Luft, Teske and Kent Treml. (Shillin and Teske are on the Human Services Advisory Committee.)

Land & Water Conservation Committee: Chairman Wagner, Paape, Luft and Aaron Augustian.

Law Enforcement & Emergency Management Committee: Chairman Mastilir, Scott Jahnke, Charles Schmitt, Doug Doell and Joseph Lukes. (Weidner is also a member when it meets as Emergency Management.)

Personnel, Advisory & Legislative Committee: Chairman Weidner, Romdenne, Haske, Dobbins, Paape, Shillin, Wagner, Mastalir and Jahnke.

Promotion & Recreation Committee: Chairman Jahnke, Doell, Kroll, Cochart and Cretney.

Photo: The 20 supervisors on the Kewaunee County Board take the oath of office Tuesday.