The Kewaunee Police Department’s K9 officer has been with the force for about a year now – here’s a progress report posted on Facebook by Officer Brian Gale and K9 Charlie.

After a little more than a year in the books, the Kewaunee Police Department’s K9 program has been very successful.

Since the start of the program, K9 Charlie’s tracking skills have led officers to 11 people who were missing, one of whom was having a heart attack. When every second counts, it’s likely that with Charlie’s help, officers and rescue personnel helped saved this person’s life. He was also instrumental in saving one person from inflicting self-harm. There were also five incidents where with Charlie’s help, people were kept safe from others who wanted to do them harm.

K9 Charlie has also been used many times throughout the community to get dangerous narcotics out of our schools, off of our city streets, and out of our homes and neighborhoods. To date K9 Charlie has been involved in 60 drug-related incidents, and six search warrants.

Charlie is also a member of the Kewaunee County SWAT team and trains on a regular basis with the team on high risk situations. This asset to the community helps keep officers and the public safe. K9 Charlie has been used to apprehend dangerous people and help keep the officers safe on several occasions. Studies have shown that with just the presence of the K9, suspects have surrendered to officers, preventing harm to those officers and the suspect, which we’ve seen with Charlie.

Beyond daily patrol, K9 Charlie has also been used for demonstrations at the schools and for other local groups. K9 Charlie has helped children that have been having a rough day at school or at home. He is wonderful with the children, and they love to pet and hug him.

The Police Department hopes to keep this program going for years to come. Thank you everyone for your donations and your support. We definitely could not do this without you.


Officer Brian Gale and K9 Charlie