Starting Tuesday, the city of Kewaunee plans to make infrastructure updates in advance of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation resurfacing project later this summer on State Highway 42 between Duvall and Miller streets.

“The highway resurfacing project will be good for our community as it will improve one of the main arteries in our City,” Mayor Sandi Christman said in a news release Monday.

The Highway will remain open during the repairs. Only one lane of traffic will be closed at a time.

“This will ensure access to our community,” Christman said. “Finally, the project will provide for increased sidewalks on both sides of the Highway near the intersection of Miller Street.”

While the roadway is resurfaced, the city plans to perform some much-needed maintenance to the sanitary sewer, potable water and storm water infrastructure below the roadway, Christman said.

“First of all, it saves local tax dollars as the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be paying for the pavement and for the traffic control.” she said. “Secondly, if we do not make the repairs now, we may have to cut into a brand new road surface in order to repair the infrastructure soon. That would lead to prematurely deteriorating the new road surface.”

The city plans tomake those infrastructure repairs between Tuesday and July 23. At that time, only a single lane of traffic will be open on the highway during the day. The DOT plans to begin its work on Aug. 6 and complete on Aug. 27, barring any unforeseen complications. During this period, only a single lane of traffic will be open on the highway. Traffic lights and/or flag-people will be available to direct traffic through the one-lane construction area.