A new electronic pay station has been installed and is fully operational at the City of Kewaunee Boat Launch. The new kiosk will provide users with the option of paying for their boat launch fee by cash or credit card, which is a new service that the city previously did not offer. It will provide a date-stamped receipt used to verify payment.

The city applied for and received a $12,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for the installation of an electronic payment kiosk at the boat launch.

“We feel the new kiosk will increase revenue and pay for itself within a year as it will prevent theft that sometimes occurs when boaters do not place the full fee in the pay envelope,” said a news release from Mayor Sandi Christman. “So, the new kiosk will be more convenient by allowing people to pay for launching their boats via credit card; provide automated payment processing and increase compliance enforcement.’

This new payment kiosk will eventually replace the current system of using pay envelopes & cash. Both systems will be kept in place for a while a boat launch patrons learn and get comfortable with the new kiosk.

The city is also seeking donations for a reader or information board to be placed next to the pay station kiosk that will inform the public of how to use the device and provide other information pertaining to the boat launch, city services and community activities.